Childhood lays the foundation for social, emotional, and physical well-being throughout life. Each developmental stage needs to be negotiated successfully for healthy adult functioning. Addressing children’s difficulties and ensuring effective parenting strategies puts children on a positive trajectory. Therapy does not just solve immediate problems, but can give children the advantage of healthy coping skills to last a lifetime.

Your child may struggle with a situational problem or a longer term social, emotional, or behavioral difficulty. There may be academic struggles or a medical issue derailing development. Maybe your child is suffering from anxiety, general unhappiness or difficulty regulating emotions. There may be family conflict, perhaps due to divorce, a life transition such as a move, the loss of a close family member. The distress may manifest in behavioral problems, physical symptoms, anxiety or depression.

Play therapy may be the treatment of choice.This could be individually with the therapist, or with a parent present to teach them how to play with their child.

Therapy can help children resolve problems and grow. It also helps parents better understand their children and strengthens their capacity to relate to each other.

Read about my philosophy when working with children and adolescents.

Problems I Treat

Adjustment difficulties
Adoption, including resulting identity and attachment problems
Angry outbursts and temper tantrums
Blended family, divorce, single parenting
Bullying, building satisfying relationships, friendships
Chronic medical problems
Defiance,lack of cooperation
Family conflict, parent-child problems, transitions, miscommunication
Illness or loss of a parent, sibling or other close relative
Lack of self-confidence
Learning challenges and academic difficulties
Life transitions
Low self-esteem or poor self-image
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Parenting struggles
School: academic struggles, school refusal
Setting limits,what is appropriate and how
Social problems, building friendships, bullying
Stress and stress-induced symptoms
Trauma: traumatic event or daily mini-trauma