Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

A healthy relationship with a significant other can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, not only offering love and friendship, but also conferring health benefits. Relationships can get derailed by life’s challenges or by unhealthy patterns of relating.

Therapy can help in a number of ways. Couples often benefit from improving communication skills and conflict resolution strategies. When couples make assumptions about their relationship rather than fully understanding each other’s hopes, needs and expectations, conflict can occur. Increasing this understanding between partners can enhance closeness and intimacy.

While the goal is to develop a mutually satisfying loving partnership, treatment can help each member grow as a person and enable them to make healthy decisions about the relationship, whether together or apart.

Couples may struggle for a variety of reasons:

Ineffective communication
Stress of a child or children
Life crises
Individual changes that affect the partnership
Growing apart
Family transitions
Patterns of relating that create unhappiness
Unresolved issues from family of origin that contribute to unhealthy dynamics