Parent Consultation

Working with Parents

Parents often feel helpless or regretful when their child or teen suffers. Parent guidance or family work can help parents better understand their child and improve their ability to respond in a loving way that supports development. My hope is parents will grow as people and parenting skills will improve as a result of their child’s treatment.

When parents reflect on their thoughts, feelings and attitudes about their child or teen, they make more thoughtful decisions.This promotes healthy development and strengthens family relationships. As parents become more attuned to a child’s needs, the quality of the parent-child relationship improves.

“Parent guidance helps parents help their children.”

How do we understand our child so we truly know who they are and what they need?
How do we, as parents, impart values, build character, and foster identity effectively?
How do we maintain a loving relationship with our child in the midst of life’s ups and downs?

We may look at child-rearing techniques, and how to use the child’s strengths to scaffold them through life’s challenges. I can help you be in tune with your child in a way that helps you help them develop building blocks for a successful, fulfilling life.

Parent consultation without the child’s involvement in treatment is sometimes the most therapeutic approach. I will help parents develop strategies and ways of using themselves to their child’s benefit. This may be because a parent’s own struggle gets in the way of their being able to parent optimally, or because a child is unwilling, unable, or too medically ill to attend sessions.

When questions arise about the best course of action for a particular child, adolescent, or family, I can sort out what the most helpful or expedient approach might be. I collaborate with physicians, schools, or other helping professionals to bring all the information together. I am well-connected with a variety of top-notch professionals for referral for evaluation, resources, or services I am unable to provide myself.

My Philosophy When Working with Children, Adolescents, and Parents:

Three ideas guide my approach to working with children and adolescents as we address presenting problems:

1. Being sure the child or adolescent is on track developmentally.

2.Building the underlying strengths and foundational skills that will enable the child/teen to be successful in life going forward.

3.Helping parents grow from the experience.

Getting help for a child or adolescent who is struggling is important because it can prevent future problems. In addition to resolving the difficulty and alleviating suffering now, children and adolescents have their whole lives to benefit from:

Self-knowledge and self-esteem they gain.
Communication with family and the understanding of family relationships
Healthy friendships they form
Life skills and building blocks for success they develop
Decisions they make
Reaching their potential
Behavior changes
Emotional regulation