The adolescent years are often described as a time of turmoil. I prefer to see this stage as an exciting period of growth and consolidation. Teens continue to build skills for the transition to adulthood and become clearer about identity. In the process, they may run into difficulties, unresolved problems from the past may surface, or new situations may arise. Sometimes teens and parents need help navigating or determining whether a teen is on a healthy path. Perhaps your teen just needs someone objective to help sort things out.

While addressing the presenting problem, I keep my eye on building core skills to help your teen be successful in the future. We build foundational strengths such as self-confidence, self-esteem and character. We’ll foster judgment, decision-making skills, self-regulation, resilience and the capacity for healthy relationships.

Although the developmental tasks of this period are labeled, “separation-individuation,” what I have found in my clinical practice is teens do not want to separate from their parents, they want the relationship to be redefined. Individual therapy is often the preferred mode to honor teens’ need for privacy, to foster identity and gain some independence from parents. Family work may be a helpful addition to the treatment process.

I offer family therapy and parent consultation without compromising confidentiality. When a teen struggles in their relationship with their parents, we can cultivate an understanding that leads to better communication, while examining hopes and dreams. The goal is to help parents build a new role with their teen, while creating a loving relationship and facilitating environment.

I have much experience working with teens who cut or have contemplated or attempted suicide. Together we can transform this pain into an opportunity for growth.

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Problems I Treat

Adjustment difficulties
Authority problems
Blended family, divorce
Break-ups with a significant other
Building satisfying relationships, friendships
Chronic medical problems
College adjustment, successful launching
Cutting or other self-destructive behavior
Depression — Episode, Chronic, Bipolar Affective Disorder
Eating disorders
Family struggles, transitions, communication, Co-parenting, Divorce, Single parenting
Illness or loss of a parent
Learning challenges
Life and family transitions
Loss and grief
Low self-esteem or poor self-image
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Personal growth
School /academic struggles
Self-Confidence and self-image
Social problems
Stress and stress-induced symptoms
Suicidal ideation or attempts
Trauma — either traumatic event or daily mini-trauma